A Caregiver's Guide To Properly Caring For A Senior's Teeth

Posted on: 1 June 2016

When you care for an elderly person, you need to make sure every aspect of their life is healthy. This includes their mouth. The problem is, seniors can often forget about their mouth, especially if they have a set of false teeth. You may have even neglected the area, not thinking about the harm to the gums. Here's a look at the damage that could be caused and what you can do to properly care for a senior's teeth.

Dealing With the Same Problems You Do

Seniors will have all the same oral risks and problems that you have. They will deal with plaque and bacteria build-up. They will need to protect themselves against gum disease and gingivitis. If they have false teeth, they need to protect them from damage due to bacteria building up on a daily basis.

You will need to make sure that they care for their teeth and mouth. You'll also need to remember their tongue, where a lot of bacteria build up throughout the day.

Bathrooms Aren't Always Comfortable

The person you care for may not be able to stand for long periods of time. This makes the bathroom an uncomfortable place to be for two minutes. It's important to find an area of the home they will be comfortable in that you can practically do all the oral hygiene care.

The kitchen is one of these places. Pull a stool or chair over to the kitchen sink so they can sit down while you do the cleaning. You could even put a bowl of water with the toothpaste, brush, floss and mouthwash on a table in the dining room or living room for extra comfort.

Making Holding the Toothbrush Easier

Whoever you care for may still want to do a lot of tasks alone but need you there for support. Arthritis and other similar conditions can make holding the toothbrush difficult. Use a foam tube around the toothbrush handle to make the grip larger. You could also place an elastic band on the brush to keep it connected to the hand in case the grip loosens.

Caring for an elderly person means caring for their teeth and mouth, too. Make their dental routine as easy as possible to follow through with, whether it means changing where they do it or how they grip their toothbrush. Gum disease is still a problem even with false teeth, and can lead to other health problems. Proper oral hygiene will help to avoid this.

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