• 3 Reasons Why Your Family Dentist Recommends Replacing Your Toothbrush

    At least twice a day is how often you should use your toothbrush. Your family dentist will also tell you that you should replace your brush every 3-4 months or when the bristles start showing signs of discoloration, fraying, or matting. These are the key recommendations by the American Dental Association on toothbrush care. You will want to replace your toothbrush sooner if you use it more frequently. If you always brush your teeth after having a sugary snack or after every meal, your brush will wear out sooner and need replacing.
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  • Crowning Your Dental Appearance

    Do you need a crown? The type of crown being referred to here goes in your mouth rather than on your head. Dental crowns provide much-needed support that enhances both the appearance and health of your mouth. For more facts about dental crowns, read on. 1. Crowns are used to stabilize teeth that have cracks and chips. Also, after a root canal procedure, the natural tooth may be weak and too thin to handle the day-to-day wear and tear that happens as we chew.
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  • Tips For Getting Cosmetic Dental Services

    Not all dental work involves fixing cavities or fighting against gum disease. Plenty of patients look into getting cosmetic dental care so that they can fix certain appearance-oriented aspects of their teeth. If you are interested in getting some great cosmetic dental care, the tips in this article will help you. Think about why you would like cosmetic dental procedures So what is it about cosmetic dental procedures that you find the most appealing?
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