• What To Do When Whitening Strips Don't Work

    When people want whiter teeth, the first thing they typically do is head to the pharmacy for some whitening strips. These strips do work for a lot of people. They can lighten the teeth a few shades and reduce the appearance of mild stains. But what if you're still not happy with the look of your teeth after using whitening strips? Then you need to head to the cosmetic dentist. There are two different treatments they often recommend for patients in your position.
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  • Repairing A Damaged Tooth With A Crown

    Getting a dental crown is a treatment that many people will need to undergo in order to correct severe tooth damage. While dental crowns are common procedures, patients will often have extremely limited understanding of these treatments. Dental Crowns Are Custom Made For Patients In order for a dental crown to provide effective protection, it will have to perfectly fit the patient's tooth. Even small gaps could lead to the crown being unstable.
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  • Pediatric Health Conditions That Could Complicate Extractions

    Before a child has a tooth extraction, pediatric dental specialists need to learn as much as they can about the child's medical history. When the dentist is well-informed about your child's preexisting medical conditions, he or she can better anticipate any potential challenges that may arise during the tooth extraction. Here are some medical conditions that pediatric dental specialists should know about before the start of dental extractions. Blood Clotting Disorders
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