Repairing A Damaged Tooth With A Crown

Posted on: 23 November 2020

Getting a dental crown is a treatment that many people will need to undergo in order to correct severe tooth damage. While dental crowns are common procedures, patients will often have extremely limited understanding of these treatments.

Dental Crowns Are Custom Made For Patients

In order for a dental crown to provide effective protection, it will have to perfectly fit the patient's tooth. Even small gaps could lead to the crown being unstable. For this reason, your crown will have to be custom made for your tooth. This will involve taking a mold of the tooth and sending this mold to a dental lab to have the crown made. While it may seem like this will always take a long time, there are dental crown providers that are able to offer same day service to their patients. This can allow you to have your tooth repaired while minimizing the disruptions that you experience.

A Crown Is Not A Replacement Tooth

Patients may assume that getting a dental crown will mean that their entire tooth is going to have to be replaced. Yet, a dental crown is actually just a protective casing for a tooth that has suffered damage. Generally, a crown will be used when a tooth has suffered major damage but is not necessarily needing to be extracted. A crown will allow for the appearance of the damaged tooth to be restored as well as protect it against decay, infection, or other significant complications.

Dental Crowns Will Have To Be Replaced

Dental crowns are able to offer extremely durable protection for damaged teeth. However, the dental crowns will suffer wear that can weaken them and compromise the protection that they offer. As a result, a patient will need to have their crown replaced at some point. In most cases, a dental crown will be able to last for a decade or longer. However, you will still need to have the crown evaluated each year. This will allow for a dentist to inspect the crown and ensure that it is still providing effective protection for the tooth. Luckily, this evaluation can be done during your yearly cleaning so that it can be as convenient as possible

A dental crown can allow you to save a tooth that has suffered extensive damage. While a dental crown is an effective type of dental treatment, patients will often be unsure as to what they should expect from having a crown applied to one of their damaged teeth.


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