Pulling Teeth: When Teeth Grow Out Of Other Areas Of The Body

Posted on: 17 December 2014

It is strange, but true. Out of all the rare instances where teeth grow in oddly, they can sometimes grow in in places they should not. This is the direct result of genetic material being scrambled in utero and teeth buds landing in other areas of the body. In most cases the teeth grow through the roof of the mouth or extend out of another bone in the body. Once in a while, they will grow out of soft tissue areas, but that is rarer still. If you have this rare genetic condition, you can request that your dentist remove the rogue teeth.

Teratomas Are to Blame

A teratoma is a benign tumor thought to be the result of twins merging together or not fully separating in the womb. Whatever cellular structures were present at the time in the womb when this occurred, those are the structures that remain within the tumor. In many cases, fully developed teeth were found. Your dentist will not be able to remove the teeth from a teratoma, as the tumor itself needs to be removed. However, an x-ray by your dentist can confirm that there are teeth present in the tumor, and then you know you are one of the very rare cases in the world where this condition exists.

Random Tooth Growth

In other documented cases, the cells that create tooth buds prior to birth migrate to other parts of the body. The teeth begin to erupt at the time when they would have had they been in the person's mouth. In these oddball cases, dentists can remove the teeth because they are not imbedded in a balled-up tumor. If you find that you have a tooth growing out the roof of your mouth, your foot, or anywhere else, see your dentist right away to have it pulled. Otherwise it could cost you your health.

Dentists Can Take Care of the Strange and Unusual

There are a lot of unusual dental cases out there. Some of them are quite simple, e.g., teeth that grow in horizontally rather than vertically, but it is nothing a dentist has not seen in a textbook or in dental school. Should you find yourself in an awkward position with a strange but true dental quandary, it is perfectly okay to visit your dentist and ask about it. Like all dental procedures, your dentist will handle it professionally and treat the dental problems you have just as though it were a toothache or cavity. For more information, contact a clinic such as Access Dental.


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