Unravelling The Mystery Of Sensitive Teeth

Posted on: 3 February 2015

Are you someone who very much enjoys different types of food, but often experiences pain when consuming them? For instance, do you wince or shudder any time you indulge in frozen yogurt or ice cream? Or perhaps brushing and flossing has become an equally painful endeavor?

Whatever the cause, tooth sensitivity can be incredibly detrimental to an individual's quality of life. Because many people with tooth sensitivity have suffered from it for long periods of time, they often come to think that it is untreatable. But this could not be further from the truth. The first step in treating tooth sensitivity, though, is knowing what causes it. Read on to learn more about some of the varied and diverse causes of tooth sensitivity.

1. Brushing Your Teeth Too Forcefully.

Many people think that brushing their teeth with full-force is an excellent way of ensuring their cleanliness. But this is not exactly true. Brushing your teeth with vigor—especially with a hard-bristled brush—is one of the most effective ways of wearing down the tooth's enamel. And this is a terrible thing to be doing to your teeth.

The enamel on your teeth is intended to serve as a kind of protective layer or barrier. Once this layer has been sufficiently broken down, it leaves the tooth's roots exposed and vulnerable to both sensitivity and pain. If you find yourself brushing a bit too forcefully, you may want to consider loosening up your style. Also, it is quite important that you opt for soft-bristled brushes over their hard-bristled counterparts.

2. Consuming Far Too Many Acidic Foods.

Many acidic foods have been deemed healthy for people. For example, oranges and grapefruits contain a whole host of natural vitamins and minerals. However, you will want to be careful. If you consume these acidic foods, it is quite important that you do so in moderation. These will lead to exposure of your nerve endings. Ouch!

3. Having More Plaque Than You Know What to Do With.

If you are suffering from excessive plaque buildup, then you are making yourself incredibly vulnerable to tooth sensitivity. Again, when plaque is allowed to buildup on the teeth, it eventually begins to wear away at the tooth's protective enamel. Once this occurs, the enamel is impossible to regenerate. Thus, it is very important that you take the sufficient amount of time and effort to tend to your teeth and that you go for regular dental checkups at dental offices like Gentle Dental Family Care.


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