Why You Should Consider Getting CEREC Crowns

Posted on: 26 February 2015

In the past, if you needed to have crown replacement, you had to make several visits to the dentist. The first visit would be to take the shape measurements of your tooth. Then you would be required to wait for a few weeks as the crown was made at the dentist's office. The next visit would be the actual fitting of the crown. Subsequent visits would be necessitated by sensitivity and other issues associated with the new crown. However, you can forget all that with a new CEREC crown. This is measured and installed on the same day meaning that you will only make one visit to the dentist.

What Are CEREC Crowns?

CEREC crowns are made using infrared imaging and computer design in order to achieve the correct fit. A milling machine comes in handy to manufacture the crown within a short time. Due to the high levels of technology, the entire process can take about two hours. You should make an appointment with the dentist that can offer to complete the work in a professional manner within the shortest time possible.

Installation Process

The fitting begins with the specialist taking tooth measurements with an infrared camera. This is attached to a computer program which is then used to develop models. These models can be manipulated using the computer. A crown is then developed using the model of your tooth. The development takes place in the precision milling machine where an appropriately sized block of porcelain is used to manufacture the crown. Once the crown is completed, it is polished and then the dentist fits it into your mouth. He adjusts it properly in order to make sure it bonds properly into your tooth.

Why Should You Choose CEREC Crowns?

Apart from the fast fitting time, the CEREC crowns also have other benefits. For instance, the mount of natural tooth lost is minimal. Traditionally, a huge chunk of your tooth would have to be cut out in order to create space for the new crown. However, the technological advancement of CEREC allows for the professionals to be more precise without cutting teeth. Since the crowns do not have metallic components but rather porcelain, there is minimal risk of getting allergic reactions. Another reason you should consider getting this type of crown is the fact that it is long lasting. You only have to take good care of them and make an allowance for wear and tear.


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