Mirror, Mirror On The Wall….. Teeth Make The Fairest Of Them All

Posted on: 3 June 2015

The wicked stepmother of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" may have benefited greatly from dental care. It is quite possible that since the average life expectancy was about 35 years in the medieval times of this story, Queen Stepmother was fairly young herself. So how did Snow White manage to surpass her beauty so early? Possibly through the beauty dampening dilemma of poorly maintained teeth.

Snow White had a somewhat different lifestyle from her stepmother which might account for her pearly whites remaining strong and healthy. However, the modern marvels of dental care could have reversed all dental issues experienced by the stepmother and kept her in beauty contention. Let us consider the possibilities of her dental dilemma.

A lifetime of indulgence

Both Snow White and her stepmother were probably raised under relatively privileged circumstances and were probably therefore taught the advantages and methods of proper oral hygiene. These would have included the use of substances such as vinegar as mouthwash and herbs such as rosemary and mint to clean the teeth and to make the breath fresh. Then the difference between the conditions of their teeth would probably have come more from a divergence in diet

As a lady of leisure, Queen Stepmother would have had a diet rich in sugars, dark wine or ale and a mixture of exotic food and drinks like chocolate and coffee. These foods are notorious for discoloring the teeth. She might also have had a diet rich in meat, but limited in fruits and vegetables that could have contributed to such dental problems as scurvy and bad teeth. These could have been reversed by teeth whitening, improved diet and possible bonding or implants.

A change in circumstances

Right about the time that Snow White was coming into her natural adult looks, she had a change in circumstances. The jealousy of her stepmother resulted in her having to live in the woods with the dwarves and this might have resulted in a complete change to her diet. Instead of all those sugar rich foods, she probably now had to rely on a diet rich in fruits, nuts, herbs and vegetables that could be foraged in the forest and the meat that could be hunted. This would have presented a more balanced diet than that experienced by her stepmother.

Her change in circumstances may also have contributed to a much happier and less stressed disposition which could have prevented her from such dental damaging stress reactions such as teeth grinding which wears away at the teeth and damages the jaw. This happiness would have been less likely in a stepmother obsessed, angry and frustrated about her fading beauty. Bruxism (teeth grinding) would be addressed by using splints or mouth guards and worn teeth could be fixed with dental crowns or reshaping of the teeth. To find out more about dental health, visit a website like http://www.childrensdent.com.


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