A Comparison Of Traditional Metal And Plastic Braces

Posted on: 16 March 2016

Getting braces can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience, with a lot of considerations to worry about. However, braces can be a relatively painless and invisible part of your life, depending on which type of braces you decide to get. To help illustrate some of those possibilities, here is a comparison of traditional metal braces and plastic braces:

What are traditional metal braces?

When you hear the word braces, a traditional metal set is probably what comes to mind. Attached to the outside of your jaw in an array of metal, these dental devices will slowly adjust your teeth over time. If modifications need to be made, your orthodontist can adjust the braces with relative ease.

What are plastic braces?

On the other hand, plastic braces are an entirely different beast. These braces can be easily removed whenever you want and are actually designed to be disposable. You will only wear a specific set of aligners for a few weeks before you discard them and move onto the next set. Once you have finished all of the sets that your orthodontist has given you, your teeth should have reached their correct positions.

How much does each option cost?

In general, traditional braces will likely cost you a little less than plastic braces. However, this will depend quite a bit on your specific circumstances, including how good your insurance is and what kind of prices your orthodontist charges. Some insurance companies will be willing to cover more of the procedure than others, whereas some orthodontists will charge more than their competitors for the same result. This means that it is exceptionally important that you examine all of your local options before making a commitment.

What does each option look like?

Traditional metal braces are highly visible and will be obvious whenever you open your mouth. If you are concerned about the appearance of your smile, then it might not be the best choice for you.

On the other hand, plastic braces are essentially invisible, meaning that nobody will know that you are even wearing braces unless you tell them.

Can each option be removed at your convenience?

Traditional metal braces will need to remain in your mouth at all times, meaning you cannot take them out for a few minutes of comfort and you will need to carefully watch everything you eat.

Plastic braces are a lot more versatile, since you can take them out whenever you want. As long as they stay in your mouth for the vast majority of the day, they will get the job done and you will end up with much straighter teeth. Contact a business that practices general dentistry for more information. 


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