4 Tips For Making Your Child's Braces More Affordable

Posted on: 8 April 2016

Many kids begin wearing braces in early adolescence to correct problems with their teeth, but this type of orthodontic treatment can be expensive. If you have been told that your child will eventually need braces, it is natural to worry about the costs associated with the treatment. Use the following tips to make this course of treatment more affordable:

Start Early Intervention Treatments

Dentists can often recognize problems early, and your dentist may recommend that you take your child to an orthodontist at a young age. Following this advice can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. An orthodontist may be able to do some early treatments with spacers or palate expanders which can help the permanent teeth grow in without as many problems, since the teeth will be more adaptable to growing jaws. Your child will probably still need braces in the future, but getting early treatment can actually reduce the amount of time that braces need to be worn, which can also reduce the cost of treatment.

Call your Dental Insurance Company

While most dental insurance policies do not cover the full cost of braces, there are some policies that will cover a portion of the cost. Before assuming that your dental insurance won't help pay for your child's braces, give the company a call to see exactly what is included in your policy and what type of coverage is available for orthodontic treatment. Talk with a professional, like Family Dentistry Of Woodstock, to see what kinds of options you have.

Enroll in a Payment Plan

Orthodontists realize that braces are expensive and are a big investment for many families, so many offices offer payment plans to help make the cost of braces more affordable. With a payment plan you will be able to make a small payment each month-- since most kids have to wear braces for a few years, you will have plenty of time to pay off the balance. For maximum savings, look for a orthodontist who offers a payment plan with no interest.

Seek Treatment at a Dental School

If you live near a university or college that has a dental program, you may be able to take your child to a dental school clinic for orthodontic treatment. The treatments are done by students who are about to graduate from the dental program, and everything done is overseen by licensed dentists and orthodontists. Dental school clinics typically charge a fraction of the price of a regular dentist or orthodontist, so your child can get a great smile and you can save a lot of cash.


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