How To Soothe Sore Or Swollen Gums

Posted on: 16 May 2016

If you're currently suffering from gum disease or some other ailment that's made your gums swollen or sore, you know that taking care of your oral health is more important than ever. Even so, it can be unpleasant to touch your gums or brush, floss, or use mouthwash while they're hurting. With that in mind, try using the tips to soothe your gums and make oral hygiene maintenance less painful.


If you have a buildup of tartar or plaque on your teeth and gums, it may be affecting the circulation of your gums. When circulation is diminished, it can cause pain or swelling, so improving your circulation is one thing that might help to reduce pain.

Rather than relying on your toothbrush, try using a clean finger to gently rub your gums. Don't use too much pressure; if it's uncomfortable, lighten up on your touch. Rub in circular motions across your gums. If they ooze, it may be pus escaping, which will help to reduce the inflammation and swelling.

Numbing Gel

Before you floss or brush your teeth, try using a numbing gel like benzocaine to reduce the pain you're in. While numbing gel won't help to improve the condition of your gums, it can help you to reduce the discomfort you feel while you perform your regular dental hygiene care.

In addition, you can combine this step with the massage, or use it separately.

Pain Killers

In addition to numbing gel, you can take an oral medication like acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation in your gums. These medications only provide temporary relief, but they can potentially minimize your pain enough to make brushing and flossing more comfortable.

See a Dentist

Although these are good short-term solutions for caring for your oral health, you should definitely see a dentist if you're in pain. Gum inflammation, swelling, or just simple discomfort may indicate a wide range of problems, including gum disease or an infection.

If your gums hurt, it could mean that your overall oral health is at risk, and if left untreated you could potentially suffer from it. Untreated gum disease or infections can eventually lead to tooth loss, bone loss, or the infection could even spread to other parts of your body via your bloodstream, making your organs sick.

If your gums are hurting you and you're looking for a short-term solution, these tips can help you to keep caring for oral health without struggling with severe pain. Just make sure that you also take the time to see a dentist for the care you need. Click here for more info about gum problems. 


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