4 Ways To Eliminate Bad Breath Before An Interview Or Date

Posted on: 1 June 2016

Whether you are heading into a last-minute interview that was scheduled by your boss or out on a blind date that your friend just talked you into, you need to figure out a way to freshen up your breath without a toothbrush or a piece of gum after that garlic chicken you had for lunch.

1. Drink a Cup of Black Coffee.

Believe it or not, you may just need to brew yourself a cup of Joe or grab a cup at the corner coffee shop. According to research, coffee contains components that have the ability to inhibit the foul-smelling-causing bacteria in your mouth. However, you will have to leave the milk out of your coffee and drink it straight-up black. In a dry mouth, which is common due to the dehydrating effects of coffee, the milk can actually have the opposite effect, resulting in worse breath than what you currently have.

2. Have a Cup of Green Tea.

If you're not a coffee drinker, you can always go for a cup of green tea. Research shows that green tea also has the ability to prevent bad-breathing-causing bacteria from growing in the mouth. In one particular study, green tea was found to be more effective at reducing volatile sulfur compounds than parsley-seed oil and even chewing gum. Researchers currently believe that this is due to the deodorant and disinfectant properties found in the tea.

3. Bite into an Apple.

If you aren't able to grab a cup of coffee or green tea because you are a bit too crunched for time, you may have more time to grab an apple and bite into it on the way. Apples contain what is known as oxidized polyphenols. These compounds help to neutralize the bacteria-producing odor in the mouth that causes bad breath. Plus, you'll get an extra benefit by eating an apple: it will help scrub off any built-up plaque on your teeth.

4. Slide a Piece of Cucumber in Your Mouth.

If none of the above seem to work or you just want to make sure that your bad breath is masked, then you can cut a thin slice of cucumber, place is between the roof of your mouth and your tongue and leave it there for roughly 90 seconds to two minutes. This should help limit the bad odor. Afterward, go ahead and eat it and the rest of the cucumber. Fibrous vegetables, like cucumbers, will help to promote saliva production and wash away bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath. Like apples, the crunchy vegetables will also help to remove any built-up plaque on your teeth.

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