Three Solutions For Patients Who Can't Fit Floss Between Their Teeth

Posted on: 16 November 2016

When your dentist reminds you that daily flossing is essential for good oral health, they're not exaggerating. Flossing really is a quick and convenient way to remove oral bacteria from between your teeth before they have the chance to cause tooth decay and gingivitis.  But what if you can't seem to fit floss between your teeth? Perhaps it seems to fray and get stuck every time you try, or maybe you can't even force it between your teeth. Don't give up on flossing entirely. Here are three alternative solutions you can try.

Flossing Picks

Sometimes the way you have to hold the floss to manipulate it into your mouth makes it hard to put enough pressure on it to push it down between teeth that are tightly packed together. Dental flossing picks might help with this. These little tools like long two-pronged salad forks with a piece of floss strung between the two prongs. You just hold the little handle and push down to get the floss between your teeth. If you try flossing picks, you should still be careful not to force the floss. If you apply a decent amount of pressure and the floss doesn't pop down between your teeth, don't force it – or it could get stuck.

Thin Floss and The "Pull" Method

If you have more of a problem getting the floss out than getting it in, then this solution might be for you. First, purchase some extra-thin dental floss. Make sure it is the kind made from no-fray, waxed material. Push the floss between your teeth as you normally would, but then instead of pulling it back out, tug on the end of the floss string to slide it out from between your teeth. This might not be quite as effective as flossing normally, but it's certainly better than avoiding flossing all together!

Water Flossers

If you truly cannot fit a flossing pick or thin floss between your teeth, consider purchasing a water flosser. This is a device that shoots a steady stream of water between your teeth. The water dislodges debris and bacteria that have accumulated between your teeth. A well known brand is the Waterpik, but there are other brands to choose from, too. Your dentist can help you find one that suits your needs. If there are teeth you can floss between, you should still use floss for these teeth. Then, use the water flosser between the teeth you can't floss.

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