Veneer Treatment Mistakes That An Inexperienced Dentist Isn'T Likely To Make

Posted on: 14 September 2017

Common wisdom has it that you can minimize your dental treatment costs by seeking treatment from a dental school. This may work, but not for all dental treatments. For example, there are some veneer mistakes that an experienced dentist isn't likely to make when, but a dental student might make them. Here are some of those mistakes:

Failing To Manage Your Expectations

Veneers are mostly cosmetic dentistry tools, which mean people use them when they expect to improve their smiles or make their teeth more beautiful. Therefore, you might expect a perfect smile from your veneer treatment, but things aren't always that perfect in the real world. An experienced dentist will talk to you, ask you questions and answer all your questions to understand what you expect from the treatment. They can then tell you what to expect and what to forget about so that you aren't disappointed with the results.

Ignoring Gum Symmetry

A beautiful smile isn't all about the teeth; even the gums have a role to play. The symmetry is affected by how much your gums are showing, the protrusion of the gums between the teeth, and whether or not the teeth are growing on the same gingival plane, among other things. An inexperienced dentist might make a mistake and focus too much on the teeth at the expense of the gums, which may mess up with your gingival symmetry and by extension the beauty of your smile.

Introducing Stains under the Veneers

One of the reasons people get veneers is to cover up intrinsic stains that cannot be bleached away. It would be therefore unfortunate to get stains under your veneers during the treatment process, negating one of your major reasons for getting the treatment in the first place. Unfortunately, this is exactly what may happen if you are being treated by an inexperienced person. The stains are typically introduced by the use of wrong hemostatic agents, which are meant to stem the blood flow. An experienced dentist isn't likely to make such a mistake.

Treating A Case That Veneers Can't Handle Successfully

Veneers are perfect for a number of dental conditions, but they are not your magical bullets that you can use to take care of every dental imperfection. For example, veneers can't be used to straighten teeth that are extremely misaligned; that require braces. An experienced dentist will know and tell you the limits of veneer treatment and suggest alternative treatment when necessary.  

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