Help Your Toddler Follow A Tooth Care Regimen

Posted on: 9 November 2017

If your toddler is beginning to show an interest in new foods and has a healthy appetite for the most part, following a tooth care regimen will help preserve the condition of your child's teeth. The tips below can be used to care for your toddler's teeth and will increase the chances that your child will have a beautiful smile for their lifetime.

Make An Appointment With A Pediatric Dentist

Call a pediatric dentist practice and make an appointment for your toddler's teeth to be examined and cleaned. Prior to taking your child to their appointment, prepare your child by reading them children's books that contain stories about the importance of brushing teeth and visiting a dentist. Answer any questions that your child has and tell your child that a dentist is a good person who likes children and helps them take care of their teeth.

Once arriving at the dentist office, ask the receptionist if you can go into the exam room with your child. After the dental appointment, praise your child for being brave and cooperative and spend quality time with your toddler by completing an activity or watching a movie.

Limit Sugary Snacks And Choose Foods That Are Easy To Chew

Limit the amount of sugary snacks that you offer your child and choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Read packaging prior to purchasing foods from a grocery store and avoid buying items that contain processed ingredients or items that you are not familiar with.

After your child grows accustomed to eating wholesome foods, they will not crave sugary items that are not good for them. Offer your child snacks and meals that are cut into small pieces that are easy to chew so that your child will not damage their teeth while eating.

Encourage Routine Flossing And Brushing

Set aside time each day and night to help your child floss and brush their teeth. Make a chart that has a grid on it and place a sticker inside of each marked section after your toddler's teeth have been successfully flossed and brushed.

If your child does not understand the concept of spitting out toothpaste after brushing their teeth, purchase a variety of toothpaste that is formulated for young children. This type of toothpaste may have a fruity or minty flavor and will not cause harm if it is swallowed. After your child brushes their teeth, offer them a glass of water so that they can rinse out their mouth. 

Contact a dental clinic, like Affordable Dental Care, for more help.


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