3 Things To Know About Temporary Dental Crowns

Posted on: 27 October 2019

If you are in need of dental crowns, you probably will not be able to have them put on right away. Instead, your dentist might outfit you with temporary crowns first, which may be made in your dentist's office. These are a few things you may want to know about temporary dental crowns.

1. They Help Protect Your Teeth

If you are wondering why you should bother with temporary crowns when you are going to be having permanent crowns put on soon anyway, you should know that they are put there to protect your teeth. If your teeth are seriously damaged, they could be at risk of chipping, cracking, or even falling out. Temporary crowns cover these teeth until they can be covered by something more permanent.

2. They May Not Look as Good as a Permanent Crown

Many people like having permanent crowns put on because they can greatly improve the look of their smile. Be aware that temporary crowns might not have the same natural look as your permanent crowns will. For example, many temporary crowns are made out stainless steel. If you don't like the look of your smile after your temporary crowns have been put on, be patient. Your permanent crowns will probably look a lot better and more natural. In fact, a lot of people might not even be able to tell that you have crowns once well-made permanent ones are put on.

3. They're More Fragile Than a Permanent Crown

Temporary dental crowns are made for temporary purposes. They are not typically as strong or secure as permanent crowns. Make sure that you follow up and have your permanent crown put on as soon as possible. Otherwise, the temporary crown could fail.

Additionally, be careful about how you make use of your temporary crown. Be careful about eating very sticky or hard foods. If you can, try to chew with the other side of your mouth until your permanent crown is put on. Additionally, when flossing, avoid flossing the area next to your temporary crown. If you do choose to floss this area, make sure that you do so very carefully. Your dentist should be able to provide you with more information about how to take care of your temporary crown.

Temporary dental crowns are a good option until your permanent crowns can be put on. Your dentist can give you more information about wearing temporary and permanent crowns, so call and set up a dental appointment today if you haven't already.


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