4 Interesting Situations When A Dentist Might Recommend IV Sedation

Posted on: 8 April 2022

There are many individuals who experience fear and other unpleasant emotions about going to the dentist. Some of them avoid going to the dentist because of their feelings. This can lead to undetected oral conditions that can negatively impact their dental health. IV sedation dentistry can be used to help individuals through procedures. The following points identify a few situations when sedation is a good solution to ensure that dental health needs are met.

Long Procedure Expected

If an individual has a lot of dental work that will be performed in one visit, it can be overwhelming even if they are "a true champ" about it. An IV sedation dentist may discuss the benefits of using sedation. There are combined procedures that can take hours to finish. Different types of sedation options may be available. However, IV administration will effectively put the individual to sleep so that they are unaware of the time passing and what is going on.

Sensitivity and Pain

Some individuals have mouths that are sensitive to dental procedures. There are a variety of instruments used. The sensitivity may be extreme even during cleanings. They might have had local anesthesia during procedures but still found it unbearable. The fear associated with pain and sensitivity can prompt these individuals to skip appointments or stop going to the dentist. A discussion with an IV sedation dentist can be an effective way to ensure that pain is not experienced during procedures. 

Strong Gag Reflexes 

Individuals whose gag reflexes are strong can benefit from IV sedation dentistry. Being in a dentist's office can make gag reflexes extreme. This can make procedures more complex because the individual will find it difficult to restrain themselves from gagging. This experience may happen every time that they go to the dentist even if it is a simple visit like a dental exam. Individuals who are aware that this is an issue for them can discuss the benefits of IV sedation with their dentists. 

Dental Anxiety

This affects individuals in all age groups. It can cause simple procedures to take longer. IV sedation ensures that individuals are completely unaware of their procedures. The anesthesia administered put them into a sleep-like state. The IV administers the medication throughout the procedure, which ensures that individuals do not wake up before the procedure is completed. Sometimes dental anxiety becomes an issue when individuals find out that they have to have certain procedures performed. They might normally be calm at the dentist but have a one-time experience of fear due to a procedure such as an extraction or root canal.

A dentist is a good resource to use to learn more about IV sedation dentistry. They can explain procedures and how the administered anesthesia will help. 


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