Assumptions Adults Often Make About Orthodontic Treatments

Posted on: 27 June 2022

Orthodontic treatments can be an important option for making your smile look its best. However, there are many individuals that may not have had the opportunity to receive orthodontic treatments in their youth, but orthodontic treatments can also be highly effective for adults who choose to invest in these treatments to improve their smiles.

Assumption: Orthodontic Treatments Are Not Worth It For Adults

The assumption that orthodontic treatments are only for teenagers and young children can be a belief that will cause many adults to shy away from undergoing these treatments to restore their smiles. However, orthodontic treatments can be highly effective for adults as well as teenagers. Adults may need to undergo orthodontic treatments for slightly longer, but they can still achieve lasting results to improve their smiles by correcting dental alignment issues. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, correcting many orthodontic problems can reduce the risk of future tooth loss or other issues that could arise with your oral health.

Assumption: Traditional Braces Are The Only Orthodontic Option For Adults

Traditional braces are one of the older options for correcting dental alignment issues. However, this is not the only treatment option that is available to an adult that is wanting to undergo orthodontic treatments. Rather, it is also possible for these individuals to utilize clear retainers that can gradually shift their teeth back into the proper position. These retainers can be a more discrete solution for restoring your smile while still being as effective as braces for the most dental alignment issues. A thorough evaluation from an orthodontist will give you a better understanding of whether this is a treatment option that you will be able to use to restore your smile.

Assumption: Adults Will Experience Far More Severe Discomfort From Their Orthodontic Treatments

Any orthodontic treatments can involve some fairly mild discomfort. In particular, it is common for individuals to have some soreness following the initial application of their braces or retainers as well as after any adjustments that are needed over the course of the treatment. For most individuals, this discomfort will be very short-lived as their teeth will rapidly adjust. However, over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammation medications can substantially alleviate this discomfort. For the best results, these medications should be taken as soon as you leave the orthodontic clinic as the soreness will gradually build for a few hours following these treatment sessions. While this can be a  small hassle, it can be worth enduring to enjoy a lifetime of straight teeth. 

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