Dental Implants Treatment After Tooth Loss

Posted on: 15 May 2023

If you have lost your natural teeth as a result of severe dental decay or otherwise poor oral health, then a dental implant consultation may be recommended. Dental implants not only help restore your smile, but they can also provide you with a host of other dental and health benefits. Here are some reasons to consider dental implants if you have lost your natural teeth. 

Malocclusion Prevention   

After you lose your teeth, their empty spaces will be left which can negatively affect your dental health. Over time, your other teeth may start shifting out of position, become crooked, and cause malocclusion. Also known as an abnormal bite, malocclusions can cause enamel damage, jaw pain, and chewing problems. In addition, an abnormal bite can even cause speech problems and put you at risk of choking because of improperly chewing your food.

If you do not get your dental implants soon after you have lost your natural teeth, your malocclusion may be more difficult to treat. This means that instead of treating your abnormal bite with orthodontic treatments, you may need to have oral surgery to correct your bite.

Prevention Of Periodontal Disease

Because your remaining teeth may shift out of place and cause overcrowding, you may be at risk of developing periodontal disease. This oral condition refers to a serious type of gum disease that not only causes bleeding, soreness, and inflamed gums, but can also cause gum recession, loose teeth, and damage to the underlying jawbone.

If you do not get dental implants to replace the spaces in your mouth left from your missing teeth, your remaining teeth may get too crowded and start overlapping one another. When this happens, you will not be able to brush and floss properly, which may lead to gingivitis and over time, periodontal disease because of excessive calculus buildup. 

Dental implants can even promote optimal jawbone health. The titanium rods of your implants act as the roots of your natural teeth. When you chew your food with your dental implants, your brain signals will redirect helpful nutrients such as calcium back into your jawbone and it will become stronger as a result. 

If you have missing teeth, make an appointment with a dental implant consultant. Restoring your oral health with dental implants will not only provide you with an attractive smile, but it may also help promote optimal jaw function so that you can enjoy eating your favorite foods.


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