New To Dental Coverage? Know The Difference Between A Dental Insurance Plan And A Discount Plan

Posted on: 17 February 2015

If trying to sift through all the various ways that you can pay for dental work, you are likely as confused as you are in pain. Many advertisements promote plans that promise to help pay for work needed. However, it is important to know the difference between dental insurance and a discount plan. Having a good understanding of what you're paying for helps to prevent unnecessary and surprising bills. This guide explains what each it so that you can make the right choice depending on your personal financial situation.
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Unravelling The Mystery Of Sensitive Teeth

Posted on: 3 February 2015

Are you someone who very much enjoys different types of food, but often experiences pain when consuming them? For instance, do you wince or shudder any time you indulge in frozen yogurt or ice cream? Or perhaps brushing and flossing has become an equally painful endeavor? Whatever the cause, tooth sensitivity can be incredibly detrimental to an individual's quality of life. Because many people with tooth sensitivity have suffered from it for long periods of time, they often come to think that it is untreatable.
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Fun Ways To Encourage Your Child To Brush Their Teeth

Posted on: 18 December 2014

Toothbrushing. Though kids are told it's good for them, many still don't want to do it! If this sounds like your child, you will no doubt want to learn how to fix this problem. Well do not fret, because here you will learn about some clever ways to encourage your child to brush their teeth more. Make It A Group Activity Some children won't want to brush their teeth by themselves.
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Pulling Teeth: When Teeth Grow Out Of Other Areas Of The Body

Posted on: 17 December 2014

It is strange, but true. Out of all the rare instances where teeth grow in oddly, they can sometimes grow in in places they should not. This is the direct result of genetic material being scrambled in utero and teeth buds landing in other areas of the body. In most cases the teeth grow through the roof of the mouth or extend out of another bone in the body. Once in a while, they will grow out of soft tissue areas, but that is rarer still.
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